I’m officially back from a 10 day vacation in Ohio and again realize how hard it is to make time to make posts! I literally have twelve or more posts to do but just haven’t had the chance to get them finished. The trip to Ohio was a great break from the triple digit heat in Arizona as well as an opportunity to get down to Bourbon country Kentucky (like 4 hour drive from my parent’s house). I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation for some good cheap fun that was very educational and a great excuse to hit the bourbon barrels! It was a great time and fun was had by all.
We hit three distilleries; Buffalo Trace, home to the great small batch bourbon family that is Pappy Van Winkle as well as a whole host of others, Woodford Reserve and the highlight of the trip Maker’s Mark. I took a lot of pictures, many of which didn’t turn out too good but you will get the idea. I learned more than you could imagine. The most important of course is that all Bourbons are Whiskey however, NOT all Whiskeys are Bourbon. I have a ton of information to share.

Barrel of Buffalo Trace

Barrel of Woodford Reserve

Barrell of Maker's Mark

I also took the opportunity to hit two great Ohio dives; The G&R in Waldo – Home of the Famous Bologna Sandwich, yes Bologna Sandwich and The Tilton Hilton in Indian Lake.

Home of the Famous Bologna Sandwich!

Tilton Hilton you ask…imagine a bar whose foundation sits at a 35 degree angle from one side to the other! Not easy to navigate after a few brews or so I’ve been told. At $4.20 this has to be the best bargain for a cheeseburger as big as your head…well almost.

This Hilton is seriously Tilton, to the right about 35 degrees!

That’s all I have for now but will definitely be back at it as soon as tomorrow with a distillery by distillery breakdown, restaurant reviews and whatever else I can squeeze in. Stay tuned in!